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Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
controversy. some believe they are building a wall to separate christians and other religions. >> that is rash. muslims and christians were among reeve gees. -- refugees. bulgaria says it's desperate for help. as the sophia government points out this is the e.u.'s per iment her. a new video surveillance system is in place. still the migrants come. >> the father of a gaoled member of the russian punk band pussy riot spoke to al jazeera about his desperation to find out where his daughter is. nadya tolokonnikova is thought to have been moved to a new prison. but family have had no contact for days. >> a daily vigil is beej staged outside the hours to protest about the treatment of nadya tolokonnikova. her family has not heard anything from the authorities, apart from the fact that she's been moved to a new prison after going on two hunger strikes to publy sis conditions inside the penalal colony where she's being held and they fear for her safety. her father told her she made the decision to speak out after receiving threats to her life. >> it's been 14 days without contact. we don't know if she
Oct 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
on the minority's religion and culture. >> three former world journalists have pleaded guilty to hacking phones ahead of a high-profile trial that starts this wednesday and is expected to last until next easter. it sees a defendant said former editors like rebecca brooks and andy colson facing 15 phone acting related charges. -- phone hacking related charges. broosks is said to have been active in hacking. a bust of winston churchill has just been unveiled there. john boehner was joined for the unveiling ceremony today by secretary of state john kerry amongst others. half a century after the british prime minister was granted honorary u.s. citizenship. he was addressed three times more than any other dignitary. make sure you catch the 90th edition opening with a dazzling chocolate fashion show. the french tennis champion was among those wearing chocolate creations. also taken to the catwalk was a former miss france. it runs until sunday, november 3. check it out if you can. that's all from the newsroom for now. >> claire pride in the newsroom. after more than three years of captivity in the sah
Oct 31, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of these are the wars that are waged under sectarian banners. people are free to choose their religion. no one has the right, no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force drink, toeat and think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. this has its own it has its own school, it's own institute and own supporters. the problem is huge. world is suffering from terrorist supporters. people are suffering from al qaeda. they want to live in peace. ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing an economic recovery despite what you hear at times. this is not having an impact on companies coming and working in -- andd in this meant investment and in building. we will contain the potential disasters that we would have suffered had this it -- security forces not ceased. suffering in people wearing bombs and entering cafÉs or funerals. this is what is leading to huge casualties. we cannot control the iraqi terrorist. with a car bomb, they cannot kill as many people. his is why they are using those ignorant terr
Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 5:00am EST
about the problems in kachin and myanmar. kachin is in the north. there's many ethnic and religion groups, mostly christian. in myanmar it's mostly buddist. a civil war broke out two years ago. that's only one worry for the myanmar government. there's violence between buddhists and rohingyas. joe blachlland is an analyst and joins us via skype from canberra. how significant really is the ceasefire agreement. how hopeful are you that it could result in a lasting peace in myanmar. ixed i think it is quite significant. i think it follows on from the president's plan to establish a sense of order that works for his government. this is - it needs to be seen in the context of the roadmap that the government has - the regime prior to this government established back in 2003. and it's about establishing an element of prosperity reliant on security. that prosperity is something seen as being in the interests of the tafaldorf and the military that backed the government. this is, in some respects, a cynical ploy by the government, but it's something that has broader benefits for the community
Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
uses religion, calligraphy and politics in his art. many deal with turmoil and change in the region, particularly in egypt. after living in morocco for 26 years, he says the arab spring was long overdue. >> for me it was about the idea of being here at that moment when others of my age are here, and they have a desire for change. >> one of them, hani's biggest revolution. he saw images flash across the television scream of egyptian police known as the blue broad girl. that's when he said he immediately went to work. >> i think it's - again, like a representation of the violation of individual rights, the homel, the antig witty of an individual person, and it's become automatically more powerful when the subject is a woman. >> the famous image from 2011 became a symbol of protest against power, showing a struggle the against police brutality. the image sparked outrage reaction from around the world, leading to further protest in egypt. in his work titled, "you were my ownly love, set to debut." representatives deemed it unacceptable. i think the senn soreship is directly connected to
Nov 1, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. we'll need them in this kind of world religion. mentioned, i recently returned from afghanistan where meeting withw days our commanders, our troops, president karzai. and the defense minister from brussels before he went to afghanistan. he feels that things have significantly improved and changed for the better during the last 10 years. i have been there perhaps 12 times or so. the staff later will tell me if it is really a 11 or 13. we've been there a lot. strikinges are pretty especially in the last few years. that is not the impression the american people have. that, to me, is the obvious fact that things have changed and changed for the better in afghanistan. first of all, it's more secure. we and our allies have made a the growth, the strength of the afghan army and the police now which has grown in a much more capable and respected force including the acal police, which has made major difference particularly in the villages about anna stan -- villages of afghanistan. the most feared force are those 25,000 local police feared by the taliban. because they are so directly ed to the
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
to the inspector general for coming. it was a great religion. was a greatn -- it pleasure. great session. here.e a press conference the press could come forward. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> thank you. i'm from japan. korea, howl on north as inspector going back to pyongyang? on -- one question more question on [indiscernible] and investigating contaminated water? thank you. >> regarding the question of when iaea will go back to north korea, we do not know. in order to go back to north korea, we need basic political understanding and peace among the major stakeholders. based on the basic understanding , we can take action. you may recall that north korea is not a member of the iaea. has a reception for the country that is not a member, we need a vote from the board of governors. nevertheless, the iaea secretary is repaired to go back any time -- prepare to go back any time. we have a level of training -- maintained a level of training. when there is political agreement, we will seek the
FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 8:00am PST
religion. this was for the owners as individuals. jenna: interesting discrepancy there. what are the odds that the supreme court gets involved and how soon would they get involved? >> nearly everyone who has been tracking more than 70 challenges to the h.h.s. contraception mandate believes that the supreme court is going to take up one of these cases. administration has been on both the winning and losing side of these cases and have petitioned justices to hear the biggest employer pushing back against the mandate. that's hobby lobby. in its petition the government writes to the supreme court, the question is one of exceptional importance and notes the various decisions that have come down in the lower courts and the conflict in the courts of appeals that is likely to deepen soon as more circuits address the question in the many pending cases presenting it. justices are scheduled to vote behind closed doors whether to take up one of the legal challenges in days. jenna: we'll watch for that. thank you. jon: washington is paying hundreds of millions of dollars to dead people. a new report u
Nov 1, 2013 8:00am EDT
was not the most brother. tahrir square have nothing to do with that kind of politics or with any kind of religion or any kind of ideology but it was young people texting each other, using the smart phones and the virtues of being able to text and tweet and connect with people that brought about another revolution. and the same thing is what started sure you. although syria was corrupted without the other interests and other forces. no leader in new in the world can afford to look away from huge populations of young people coming at us in unprecedented numbers. all of them in touch with their aspirations picked a different world is going to change politics as well as -- so what we're going to try to accomplish with two enormous and very high standard trading coach haitians that are underway right now is to raise the standards and raised the possibilities for people, the trans-pacific partnership which will integrate the region represents 40% of global trade, and if we can lock that in it will raise the standards around the world. when you link that to the transatlantic trade and investment partner
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am EST
sort of false religion. the virginia governor's race on the air in norfolk virginia. >> terry mcauliffe will make an outstanding governor. it's mcauliffe who's been operating. it will be open, pragmatic, friendly to business, and committed to job growth. he has sensible, business friendly policies. he will work to bridge party divides and find common ground to move our state forward. that's what virginia needs. for us, the decision is clear -- terry mcauliffe. >> big differences for the race of governor. expands obama care, increases spending, raising your taxes by $1700. tim cuccinella, cutting taxes. terry mcauliffe, expand obama care. cuccinelli, cut taxes. to stop obama care and higher taxes, there's one choice. >> i'm ken cuccinelli, candidate for governor. >> difficulties piled up. you mentioned a few of them. today the president will be cam page for terry mcauliffe. >> the mcauliffe campaign didn't have it go in earlier. mcauliffe didn't try to nationalize this debate. i don't think the president's clinton will do a lot better. he and president clinton are best friends. it
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
this is the majority religion in the country, 51% i think the last poll showed our catholic. but at the time john f. kennedy ran, not even his church was behind him. and this is why the kennedys have always said the cardinals and bishops are republicans and the nuns are democrat. but joe kennedy was the 10th richest man in america at that time, and he still knew that no matter how much money he had, they wouldn't have that ultimate respectability until they broke through and put an irish catholic in office. and he was determined that one of his sons would become that. there wasn't that drive and the bush family. prescott bush was a moderate republican senator. his son, george herbert walker bush wanted to be like his father, and so he pursued politics. and then george w. bush. >> host: in the family, you write for those who study the fault line, the campaign of 1980 is instructive. because to dynastic sons chose to challenge their party's front runners and those two presumptive heirs base their candidacies solely on their sense of entitlement. >> guest: i am fascinated, not just by the study of pow
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)